Welcome! I am a practicing healer and philosopher in Portland, Oregon. I work with people looking to find greater balance and to realize important shifts in their lives. They come to me for support, guidance, and new tools that help them move into the uncharted territory of a freer and more joyful life. They appreciate the attention I give to their doubts and questions about the meaning of life and their own purpose. They feel at ease with my compassionate, relational approach. And they trust me because they see the rich work and experiences of my own life, and they know that I can guide them on the many paths I have traveled.

In addition to one-one counseling, I work with collective healing, seeking the transformation of broken communities, human histories, and our relationship with Earth. As a philosopher, it amazes me how similar and interwoven are the healing of our selves and of the greater world. My work in this area centers on writing, community workshops, and collective meditation practice.

Please take a moment to explore my work by navigating the tabs above. This site, like all of us, is in constant development. Please feel free to contact me; I am more than happy to answer your questions and to write on topics that interest you. I look forward to hearing from you!