I am very excited to announce that I am now a coach on the Aura app! You can listen there with polish and crystal clarity to my guided meditations and breathwork exercises for relaxation, sleep, calling in love, breathing out frustration, healing trauma, and much more. I’ll be releasing new content every week, so please check it out and follow me there for more.

A short morning breathwork meditation to bring fresh energy to your day. Includes accurate closed captioning with imagery for accessibility.
Give me just five minutes, and I promise you’ll feel calmer and more relaxed. I wrote this simple guided visualization/meditation exercise for Power Your Purpose: A Leader’s Guide to Creating a Better Life and a Better World, by Executive Coach and healer Shian Chuan. Includes accurate closed captioning for accessibility.
Ready to escape? Or to find your way home? This guided meditation will help you to discover both. Recorded live in my healing circle, with added visuals and music. Includes optional closed-captioning.
This beginning meditation is especially designed for those who don’t like sitting still, have a hard time quieting their minds, or are new to meditation. Instead of asking you to focus, it guides you through embodied and nurturing imagery. Use it to jumpstart your own meditation practice, and then to start meditating on your own!
This meditation is for supporting the healing of unrequited love, those instances where the heart is painfully attached. We cannot bring ourselves to truly “let go” until we have the resources to “fill up” and flow. Instead of cutting off painful attachments, this meditation helps to redirect them with the guidance and nourishment of unconditional love.
This meditation is for healing our country. When we connect with each other in meditation, we amplify our effects, like in a wave. We can do this synchronously, by meditating together, at the same place and time, or asynchronously, simply by acknowledging each other’s hearts while in meditation. While meditation isn’t a magical cure-all, there lies much more power than we realize in setting the intentions of our hearts and minds – from the way this impacts our daily interactions, to its compounding effects that can bring collective change.
This is a longer meditation for healing difficult times. You may want to listen to it while exercising, making a meal, or falling asleep at night. We live in a time when it fills us with despair to acknowledge the realities of the ecological destruction, social injustice, and political turmoil that surround us. And when we fill with despair, our natural response is to shut down. But, as Joanna Macy so powerfully reminds us, by shutting out the pain, we miss the energies of healing and understanding that lie within it. What can fill us up with hope instead is acknowledging how many people besides us do care and do want our world to heal. This meditation helps us to work through our pain and to find our collective strength.
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