Seeing My White Privilege

I don’t like the word, “privilege.” It connotes the idea of something better, something earned; and whiteness is neither. But the phrase #whiteprivilege has proved useful in explaining the differences in daily experience between people who are white and people of color. This is an essay I wrote several years ago under the title, “Why … Continue reading Seeing My White Privilege

Breaking Up with a Narcissist – Advice for Our Country

How do you break up with a narcissist? How do you get rid of that toxic person in your life? Earlier in history, these might have been mere self-help questions, but now they concern the whole country. How do we, as a nation, break up with Donald Trump? How do we let go of our … Continue reading Breaking Up with a Narcissist – Advice for Our Country

Asking the Big Questions

The other day a reader on Facebook contacted me. He wanted to get a professional philosopher’s take on a question. “What do you think…,” he asked, “of the meaning of existence?” “Well, that’s a big question,” I could hear my own advisor answering in my head.  In academic philosophy, we are trained to be very … Continue reading Asking the Big Questions