Beginning to Breathe

As our world grinds to a halt –
Flights canceled, production stopped, commutes erased –
Our planet, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution,
Reverses the flow and begins to breathe.
She is healing, shedding, transforming.
And this virus, ironically, attacks the human lungs.
We gasp for air.
What do we do now?
Are we doomed?
How do we breathe?
We breathe by growing roots,
Like the tree, straight into the channel of the Earth,
Drawing up Her energy, and filling with light.
She is the source of our strength.
These are dire times, you say,
Not times of love.
We must defend ourselves,
Fight for the last drop –
Of what?
What will remain?
When the power is off
And the roads shut down
When the satellites sleep
And technology zaps itself away,
What will remain?
There will be fights, petty wars, skirmishes,
But one force will always remain,
Will always be here –
And that, yes, is love.
Understand that when the human mind
Is put under pressure,
It splits into two –undefined
A mechanical, fearful mind
Closed to reason, to love,
To wise action and the human spirit.
It is but the will to survival.
Nothing more.
Of love and inspiration,
Rushes to the heavens,
As if the body were already dead,
Hearing the voices of angels and guides.
You can learn to divine
You can follow this guidance.
It will always be here to guide you.
But for those voices to make sense,
For them not to drive you insane,
For you to hear truth in them
And not random whims or madness,
You must learn to hear truth,
To recognize truth,
To sit in the still and the quiet of the truth.
You must recognize its music and its rhythm,
Its movement and its flow.
You must learn – not quite to set ego aside –
But to embrace your inner child with loving compassion,
To steady the emotions, the impulsesundefined
And find the middle ground
Where truth flows through.
That love – though you may fumble and run from it –
Is the energy that creates worlds,
That springs wisdom from the ether
And manna from the Earth.
Do not be afraid to be afraid to breathe with Her.
This, too, is your time for shedding, for transformation.undefined

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