Making the Right Choice

How do I know your services are right for me?

Spiritual teachers and healers are not “one size fits all.” Whether someone can help us depends on how we relate to each other and where we are at in our own lives. I have found the best teachers in my life by letting my intuition guide me. I read their words, look deeply at their picture, and notice how I feel about them at a gut level, whether I trust them and think that they have anything to offer me. I encourage you to contact me and ask questions if you feel that we may be a good fit. I, in turn, promise to be honest with you about the scope of my practice and to refer you in any case where I feel my services would not be beneficial.

What sorts of clients do you see and issues do you treat?

My typical client is someone who feels they are on the verge of a new phase in their life but needs help letting go of old patterns and moving into this new space. Usually, they want to explore spirituality, but have some strong reservations as well. They have lots of questions about the meaning of life and their own purpose, and they are hungry for someone who will really listen to them and engage with them. The issues that come up depend on each person’s journey, but often include trauma, rejection, anxiety, depression, deep heartache, and loss. Sometimes these are connected with physical symptoms, such as headaches, troubled sleep, and digestive problems, while other times they are not.

I am a skeptic; can you still work with me even though I’m not sure what you do is really real?

Yes, as a philosopher, I welcome skepticism! Please bring all of your questions and doubts! My goal is to hear you, not to convince you of any particular doctrine or ideas.

Do you work from or with a particular religious background?

No, I work with universal energy without attachment to a particular religious framework. I do, however, respect that each of us experiences energy and spirit in different ways, and I tailor my work to each client’s particular context.

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