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What is the difference between philosophical counseling and psychotherapy?

Philosophy is a much older discipline than psychotherapy, which branched off from it in recent times. At its heart, philosophy is simply the love of wisdom, the path of questioning and clear thinking that helps us come into greater relation with self and world. The differences and similarities between these two modalities will depend on the practitioner. My focus is not on diagnosing and treating mental or social dysfunction. I do not put myself at a distance from my clients in order to judge or fix them. I see myself as a helper and teacher who walks beside my clients, accepts how they feel and where they are at in their lives without judgment, and works with them to help find greater balance within themselves and in relation to the world.

Do you cure disease?

No, when we cure a disease, we seek to eradicate all of its symptoms and manifestations completely. When we heal a disease, we look within it for greater meaning. We sense the aspects of our mind, body, and spirit that are caught up in the disease, and we allow these to grow and transform as we release it. We change pain and suffering into wisdom and joy. Sometimes healing a disease coincides perfectly with curing it; however, this can never be a goal or a promise in true healing work. We have to be willing to work with whatever arises in our lives. We must also recognize that a cure which comes without true healing will simply lead to new problems and disease, which ask us to face the life lessons that we have not yet learned.

Do you promise miracle transformations?

No, but sometimes energy work can facilitate shifts in our lives that are rapid and profound. These are real changes where we can clearly say, “I am a new person now,” “I am finally free of that thing that was plaguing me,” or, “I am a better version of myself.” The irony of such transformations is that they do not happen until we surrender to the moment and let go of the desperate need for them to happen. It is important when we experience these beautiful shifts to continue working so that the changes become fully integrated into all aspects of our lives.

Do you offer bodywork or massage?

No, but I work with a wonderful group of bodywork and massage professionals and am very happy to refer you.

Do you treat children?

Yes, on an individual basis and with full consent from parents and/or guardians.

Do you practice Reiki?

I am trained in a healing modality developed by Harry Edwards in England in the 1950’s. The organization he founded, now called The Healing Trust, has thousands of practitioners in Europe. In the United States, it is known as the non-profit school of energy medicine, Healing in America, based in Ojai, California. While all healing modalities work with the same universal energy, what is distinctive about Harry Edward’s tradition is its commitment to working alongside the medical community, its well-structured training and mentoring program, and its high standards of accountability.

Is energy healing “woo woo” or pseudoscience?

I prefer to think of energy healing and science simply as two different ways of engaging with the world. Is art pseudoscience? – No, it is not even trying to be science, although it is capable of setting its own standards for beauty, truth, and growth. The same can be said for energy work.

Are your services part of alternative medicine?

I consider my services as complementary, not alternative medicine. This means that they work alongside and in addition to traditional allopathic medicine and psychotherapy, not in place of them.

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