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My Services

What is the difference between philosophical counseling and psychotherapy? Philosophy is a much older discipline than psychotherapy, which branched off from it in recent times. At its heart, philosophy is simply the love of wisdom, the path of questioning and clear thinking that helps us come into greater relation with self and world. The differences… Continue reading My Services

Making the Right Choice

How do I know your services are right for me? Spiritual teachers and healers are not “one size fits all.” Whether someone can help us depends on how we relate to each other and where we are at in our own lives. I have found the best teachers in my life by letting my intuition… Continue reading Making the Right Choice


Where do you work? I offer sessions by phone or Skype in English or Spanish for clients around the world. In-person sessions and classes are available for those in the Portland, OR metropolitan area. Do you take insurance? No, I am sorry that I cannot take insurance. Do you have payment plans or accept alternate… Continue reading Logistics