Energy Healing

Healing is the process through which we achieve balance and growth. Energy healing works from a perspective in which mind, body, and spirit are but three aspects of one being. In a healing session, the practitioner guides the client into a state of deep relaxation and awareness. This is a state of great possibility. It allows us to release blockages such as tension, painful memories, unhealthy habits, and limiting beliefs. It helps us to create healthy boundaries and to restore aspects of our being that may be broken or missing, such as the spaces where we allow others to take advantage of us, or where we do not know how to take care of ourselves. It also brings us insight into who we are, what our greatest life purpose is, and how we can best achieve it. The result is greater joy and freedom in our lives. This will look different for each person, but can include releasing illness and pain, overcoming anxiety and depression, letting go of painful situations, and manifesting a joyful, abundant life.

How does this work happen? A healing session is like a shared meditation. The practitioner is able to assist the client because we enter a state which acknowledges that we are not fully separate beings; we are interconnected. In this state, we also are not fully separate from the energy of the whole – whether we know this by a particular name and tradition or not. This allows the practitioner to call in loving-kindness, wisdom, and grace, which is much greater than any human being or man-generated power.

Energy healing works with that which goes far beyond what we can describe. The best way to get a sense of it is to experience it for yourself. Contact me to schedule a session today.