You Don’t Have to Believe in Yourself

I have a new blog! It has a much broader focus, but I will be sharing some relevant posts here from time to time. I hope you enjoy!

Emerald Shaman

On really hard days, if I’m lucky, the theme song to the children’s show, “Arthur,” pops into my head. “Just believe in yourself,” a voice sings, “Well, that’s the place to start…” I smile, feel refreshed, and keep running uphill, ready to face my demons and what felt, just a moment before, like the whole world turned against me. It’s a great message, one I wish I had heard more while I was growing up. Young children are newly building their models of who they are and how the world works. They need to know that they are safe and loved. The recipe is quite simple: Build a healthy self and healthy relationships; then, everything else will fall into place…

Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t go so smoothly for most of us. Metaphysically, I think it’s not even supposed to go smoothly. We are meant to have problems and glitches along…

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